The Longest Hour

Escape rate
Team size
2-7 (recommended 3-5)
Minimum age
15 (younger children accompanied by an adult)
Suitable for
families, friends, teambuildings
Price per person
25 euro per person (from 10 years)
2 participants: 35 euro per person
children under 10 years old (accompanied by at least one paying adult): free
Playable in
English, Dutch, French

An old house in the Pateelstraat, in the city center of Ypres. Hundred years ago horrible scenes must have taken place here - the city was almost completely destroyed during World War I. Until recently Ludovicus Vandenportaele lived here, one of the greatest collectors of objects from that war. An eccentric, or according to many: a madman. He disappeared recently, nobody knows where he is. Now you and your friends may want to know why that old man never let someone in, and you go investigate the uninhabited building. What you find there defies all imagination ...